The Seiko Talking Pyramid Makes Me Feel Funny Things… Down There

You know how Pavlov trained his dogs to salivate at the dingy-ding-ding of a little bell? All because they began to associate the bell with the food and all that? Well imagine what would happen if you took a cone shaped thing and made it vibrate – yes, in. that. way. And then you got people used to how cone shaped things meant vibration which meant a possible orgasm or five. Now take a gander at what might happen if you show those same vibrating-cone-accustomed people something that looked very similar in that cone-ish way. Except it didn’t vibrate; no, it just talked to you. Wouldn’t you want it to stop saying words and just get on with it already? (Kind of like having sex with someone you’re not that into… not that I would have ever know what that’s like, ahem).

Oh, and thanks to Sean Fallon from Gizmodo for showing off this non-vibrating pyramid thing (beige thing above) that talks but doesn’t vibrate, unlike the pink cone vibrator that sex toy makers in the UK freaked us all out tantalized us with a couple of years ago (see below). If you’re going to introduce us to anything past, present or future that resembles a sex toy, I hope that it does the sex toy thing in addition to whatever else it is supposed to do. Thank you very much for considering women’s Pavlovian trained genitals.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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