MSP Sex Toy of the Week: Jelly Tool Belt by Pure Romance

jelly tool belt 

The Jelly Tool Belt is one of my favorite couples toys – albeit it really is designed for straight couples (one woman, one man) to use. This is how it works: the larger clear ring expands to wrap around the scrotum and the inner clear ring expands to wrap around the base of the penis. Once anchored in place, the small vibrating bullet which rests at the top of the base of the penis can be turned on to one of seven different vibrating speeds as it vibrates against the clitoris in face to face sex (if going for rear or side entry, you might need to rotate the rings a bit to aim the vibrator on the clitoris). Many men like the way it feels too. If you like intense vibration, opt for speeds 3 or 7. Check it out at Pure Romance.

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