Sex Toy Review: We-Vibe 3

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Good Vibrations, I bring to you a brand new toy review!

We-Vibe 3

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Look at all those awesome jewel tones!

The We-Vibe 3 Couple’s Vibrator is the third in a fantastic series of partner toys. This tiny silicone vibrator offers dual stimulation in two ways (internal/external, you/partner), and packs quite a punch! With this third model, they’ve amped up the power of the vibrations and extended the battery life.

What I love:

  • It’s just so cute! This vibe is super small (it sits so nicely in the palm of your hand), and comes in three great colors (gotta love the jewel tones). I also love that the charging station doubles as a discrete place to stash the toy.
  • It’s green! The We-Vibe 3 is rechargeable, comes in recycled packaging, and is made from materials that won’t sit in a landfill for the next thousand years.
  • It’s multifunctional! Though this vibe is marketed as a couples’ toy, it can totally be used solo! I also love the wireless remote…could make for a fun night out with your partner.

What I don’t love:

  • The price! This toy is definitely an investment. At $139, you’re definitely getting a lot (a toy for more than one person that is green and rechargeable), but keep in mind that you’re spending a pretty penny.
  • The instruction manual. While I understand that this toy is marketed as a toy for “penetrative sex,” I found the images in the manual to be a bit off-putting. In the instructions for use, they included images of penile-vaginal intercourse. I wonder how necessary the images really were, and how they might affect those who don’t have sex that way. This toy, like most toys, can be used in more than one way, and I think the company would benefit from either including images of all different kinds of sex or just foregoing images altogether.

How it Rates:

Price: 3

Ease of Use: 4

Safety: 5

Adorability: 5

Stealth: 5

Total: 22/25

Overall, I would definitely recommend the We-Vibe 3 to anybody looking for an adorable, easy to use, eco-friendly partner vibrator (my that was a lot of qualifiers)!

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