Sex Toy Review: The Tybo Callisto

If you’re interested in sex toys that vibrate and offer multiple points of stimulation, you might like the Tybo Callisto. The Callisto is a dual-action rabbit vibrator, meaning it has a main shaft that can be used for insertion, along with two nubs on opposite sides that can be used for clitoral and/or anal stimulation. With a slim shaft—I’ve included a picture of the vibrator next to some bananas for scale—the Callisto seems like it would be suitable for various kinds of play.

Materials, Cleaning, & Care

The vibrator is made of PVC rubber, and the toy is supposed to be waterproof (though haven’t been inclined to test it!). Cleaning is easy using warm water and soap. The base is nickel-plated aluminum, and it comes with a little stand that attaches onto the bottom and can be used either to display the vibrator, or to secure the on-button during play. There is, in fact, only one button on the vibrator, the on-button, at its base. This means you can’t control the speed or intensity, but as it’s a fairly low-to-medium tempo, I doubt it would be too much vibration depending on the application. In fact, the vibration level might be good for people who are very sensitive, because it is not very intense. Despite the fact that the battery is tucked inside the shaft of the vibrator itself, with a simple twist-off base to remove the battery, I’d recommend taking out the battery before cleaning the vibrator.

In terms of packaging, the Callisto comes in a long, slim black box with a foam cut-out to protect the toy. However, as the toy is significantly smaller than the packing, I don’t know if I’ll hang on to the box due to how much space it takes up.


As I’d mentioned, the toy is not that large; the dimensions are listed on the website as 3-1/2″ of insertable length, 3/4″ at the widest point, and 7-1/4″ of total length. The real surprise, though, came when I turned the toy on—the top inch of the head not only vibrates, but also rotates! I gather that this is supposed to aid in G-spot stimulation, but my guess is that whether this works will be due to a lot of personal factors. For instance, when the head of the toy rotates to hit the G-spot while inserted, it will also rotate in the opposite direction while making a full circle, thus hitting the back wall of the vaginal canal, which could be uncomfortable if you’re not used to receiving stimulation there. Additionally, the rotating tip might work better on somebody’s clitoris if it’s sensitive enough to only want intermittent stimulation. So while the toy seems intended for penetration, there are multiple applications based on wherever it might feel good to have a rotating, multi-pronged vibrator applied.

(another thing to keep in mind with the rotating tip? If you leave the vibrator laying somewhere while it’s on, it might, um, wander…)

Due to the small size of the shaft, and the fact that the two nubs do not protrude very far, I think it would require a lot of squishing bodies together to use this vibrator on two people at once, so it might be more suited for holding in one’s hands to stimulate oneself or a partner. I let the vibrator run while writing this review and it’s been going for at least an hour, so that’s a good sign for battery life.


The Callisto is worth checking out if a rotating-tip vibrator with multiple areas of stimulation appeals to you, but whether those points make up for its lack of girth and length and the fact that it’s a low-intensity vibration ought to be other deciding factors. On the whole, though, the sleek design and the smoothness of the texture make me inclined to think well of this vibrator and recommend that people looking for a new vibrator check it out.

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  • Kate McCombs

    Great review, Jeana! I’m giggling at the thought of a vibrator wandering off the table.

  • Jeana Jorgensen

    Thanks, Kate! I was a tad surprised myself when that happened. ;p