Sex Toy Review: Spirit by Leaf

I recently had the pleasure of testing out the Spirit for the Men’s Health sex awards, and let me tell you: This petite toy packs some powerful vibes.

What you need to know right off the bat: It’s waterproof, great for travel, and fits right in the palm of your hand. The bright green exterior is aesthetically pleasing, not to mention it’s extremely easy to use.

Canvas tote included with purchase!

Canvas tote included with purchase!

The main perks:

  • It’s rechargeable. (In my opinion, this feature is a must-have if I’m going to consider purchasing the toy.) A single charge will give you an hour and 15 minutes of playtime, and it takes two hours to charge completely. Another advantage: All Leaf products have the same charging adapter.
  • It’s earth and body friendly! The toy is Phthalate-free and comes packaged in eco-friendly materials.
  • Operation is simple. To turn the vibe on, press the small button on top of the toy. (This powers the Spirit up at the lowest speed.) All Leaf vibes come with the “Press and Hold” function, so to change the intensity of the vibration, you just “press and hold” the button and then remove your finger once you’ve reached your desired speed. To turn it off, you simply tap the button again.
  • It feels incredible. The vibe is designed to match the contours of the female body, and the exterior has a silky, satin finish. (Not kidding, it is so smooth!) The intensity of the vibration is easy to control, and I actually like the fact that there aren’t a dozen different pulsing patterns and vibe modes.
  • It is so quiet. No joke. In fact, it may be the quietest vibe I’ve ever used.

The setbacks:

  • The only thing I find peculiar is that the vibe takes two hours to charge, yet only gives you an hour and 15 minutes of usage. But beyond that, I have no complaints.

Overall opinion: Love it. The vibe is priced at $90, which may seem like a large chunk of change for something so tiny, but it’s worth the investment. (And if you have a hard time believing that last sentence, read up on Why You Should Buy a Luxury Sex Toy.)

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