Review #2 of the We-Vibe Couples Sex Toy

You may remember that several months ago I posted an overall review of the We-Vibe couples sex toy. Well, Babeland (the exclusive North American distributor of the We-Vibe) was kind enough to share a few extras with me so that I could give them to various couples and learn more about how women and men feel about the We-Vibe.

Curious? I was too.

Here is one review… more to come another day, so check back.


Overall, when it’s good, it’s GOOD. We used it yesterday to mind numbing results. I was surprised how much of an internal, g-spot originating orgasm I had. I had assumed that the clitoral stimulation would be what got me off, but it was definitely the internal piece being pushed against my gspot as he thrust that did the trick. The clitoral stimulation of course wasn’t bad (i pretty much always need some clitoral stimulation from a vibe or my finger during sex) but this was not a clit-based O. Does that make sense?

I think I’ve also learned from some early mistakes. The first time we used it, I put in it and turned it on early – all through foreplay. I thought – hey, why not get it going? But by the time we we’re actually having sex, I was a little too numb and needed it cranked up .. .say two more levels than it actually goes. I now put it in right before penetration, keep it turned off for a few strokes while we make sure its comfortable, then start on low before moving to high.

ok so i guess this is where my perspective will kind of blend with (my partner’s). I found that it works best when he’s really hard because that’s when it pushes the most against my gspot. But he found the vibrations a little too intense at times and would start to lose his erection. This meant the vibe wasn’t pushing against me as much- and while still feeling good – wasn’t quite enough to get me off. As he’d get harder, I’d get closer to coming – but it’s definitely something we’re still working out. We’ve had success starting with it off, and then working through the low and then high settings, but sometimes he’s said its just too intense and goes kinda numb.

I was surprised because we’ve definitely used a vibrator regularly during sex for the past few years (usually holding the base of my vibe against my clit while the ‘tip’ of the vibe rests behind his balls), but I guess this is different with the we-vibe directly inside me. However, one benefit of him going a little numb is that he definitely lasts longer. We’re just hoping to find that balance where not he’s so numb that its takes longer for him to get off than either of us would like.

That being said, i’ve really enjoyed it and we’re going to keep using. I’d probably love to use it every time, but I’m not sure that he would, so it will probably be a regular, but not always addition to the bedroom.


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