MSP Sex Toy of the Week: The We-Vibe

As a sex researcher, educator and columnist, I regularly receive sex toys in the mail. Though many are quite good, there are few that I find so appealing that I can barely wait to tell my friends, colleagues and readers. The We-Vibe is one such toy. In fact, if there’s a sex toy that is likely to find its way on Facebook status updates any time soon (as in, “Audrey is in love with her We-Vibe”), this is it. The We-Vibe is a relatively small, U-shaped toy that can be charged up to vibrate for as long as 2 hours, and – get this – can be worn during intercourse. I was a little wary of this claim at first, but in fact it can be placed comfortably in the vagina in a way that can feel good for both partners during penetration.
The We-Vibe is versatile – it can be worn inside the vagina to stimulate the g spot and clitoris simultaneously or rotated downward to stimulate the back wall of the vagina and the perineum (area in between the bottom of the vulva and anus, also known as the “tween”). If you’re generous, it can even be shared by gently wrapping it around the base of a guy’s penis (remember, though, that toys should always be cleaned before and after sharing with a partner).
The web-vibe is easy to clean, easy to use and even easy to travel with, given its small size. I slipped mine inside a plastic bag, and then inside an evening bag when I was packing for a recent trip. Given that the We-Vibe is made of silicone, it is best used with a water-based lubricant (I like Good Clean Love).
My primary point of frustration is that the on/off switch – while a vast improvement over other couples toys – is not always easy to find to turn on, off, or to switch its intensity (it has two speeds). I’m also hopeful that future models with be slightly slimmer so that women who are a little hesitant to we-vibe their way to pleasure, or women who have particularly ginormous partners, may be more open to trying the toy, too. Given the many pluses and few minuses, I rate this toy at 3 1/2 stars (out of 4).
The We-Vibe is available on Amazon and also through Babeland.


Made of: Silicone (though it is not stated what % silicone)
Type of toy: Couples but can be used by women or men, alone
Color: Purple only (they should consider making different color options for users to choose from)
Power source: Rechargeable via wall outlet, up to 2 hours
Price: $130 (approximately)
MSP rating: 3 1/2 stars (out of 4)

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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