MSP Sex Q&A: Are Glass Sex Toys Safe?


Hi Dr. Debby, My wife and I were wondering about toys made of pyrex glass. There are a lot of different ones out there. Some cheap and some expensive.
We keep looking at them and think it is not an item to go cheap on. But how safe are they? And are the worth the money? Also what should we be looking for to make sure it is of good quality? Thanks.

We don’t have hard and fast rules when it comes to quality of the pyrex products (my sex toy company contacts tell me these toys are essentially pyrex but due to trademarks or something, they have to call them “glass”). As such, I would start with a company with a good reputation for choosing quality products such as Pure Romance, Good Vibrations, Early to Bed, Babeland or MyPleasure, all of whom tend to have rigorous processes through which they add products to their line-up.

Glass/Pyrex dildos have a distinct advantage in that you can warm them or cool them to your liking just by running them under warm or cool water. Smooth products (rather than those with seams on the shaft) are likely preferable for most people. You can use them with a variety of lubricants and they are easy to clean. In terms of being “worth the money”, that varies from person to person, but they do certainly offer a unique experience that you can’t get with other dildos or vibrators, especially when it comes to temperature and their smooth qualities.

Some glass dildos you might check out: the Easy Rider from Pure Romance and the Pink Double Ended Glass Dildo from Early to Bed (photo after the jump - WOW).


Learn more about this product on Early to Bed’s web site.

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