Lelo Ida Review

image courtesy of Good Vibrations

image courtesy of Good Vibrations

I am so excited to be reviewing a Lelo product! Lelo makes beautiful, ergonomic luxury sex toys, and they seem to come out with new toys every time I blink. The lovely ladies at Good Vibrations sent me the Lelo Ida, a remote-control partner vibe.

Here’s the scoop: the protruding end is inserted into the vagina. It rotates and vibrates while the circular base vibrates against the clitoris, providing even more stimulation. To top it off, the wireless remote control also vibrates so that both partners feel the same sensation. Ida has 8 vibration patterns, is waterproof up to 3 feet of submersion, and is made of smooth silicone that feels lovely on the body.

What I love:

- Use it solo! Though the Ida is marketed as a partner toy, there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy it all by your lonesome. The wireless remote control makes Ida fun to use as a standard vibrator (though there’s really nothing standard about it)

google eyes

- It’s ADORABLE. Seriously, I just want to put googly eyes on the thing, turn it on, and keep it as a desktop pet.

- Ida is versatile. Though designed for use during penile-vaginal intercourse, it’s just as fun to use with a strap on, or even a partner’s fingers.

- It has a remote control. Which is wireless. This is really, really cool, and considering that the remote still worked in my bedroom all the way from the kitchen, I’m convinced that this means hours of playful fun. Just imagine Ida being your dirty little secret while you’re out on a fancy dinner date.

Side note: One of the most innovative features of Lelo’s remote control toys is how the user controls it. To change vibration speed or pattern, simply press the center or plus/minus buttons. Or, to spice things up, hold the remote in the palm of your hand and rotate your hand from left to right. It seriously feels like you’re driving a sexy race car.

- It’s rechargeable. The days of battery-operated vibes are long gone, and with Ida holding a charge for up to 2 hours, you can feel great about reducing your green footprint, even if only for a while.

What I don’t love:

-It’s only advertised as a partner toy for heterosexual couples. Come on, Lelo! Expand your market! Obviously I have to recognize that sex toy manufacturers tend to market their hetero-friendly toys as such, as sex toys are often deemed a tool of the homos. But that doesn’t make it any less of a turn-off.

And, to be perfectly honest, folks, that’s pretty much it!

image courtesy of Amazon

image courtesy of Amazon

How Ida Rates:

Price: 3 (Okay, so granted $200 is pricey for a sex toy, but I stand by my guns when it comes to sex toys, shoes, and bras – you don’t want ‘em cheap.)

Ease of Use: 4

Safety: 5

Adorability: 5

Stealth: 5

Total: 22/25

Though Ida wouldn’t be my recommendation for a first sex toy, if you’re in the market for a versatile toy that is built to please and last, give her a try!


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