Jimmyjane Hello Touch Review

I’ve always thought that the purpose of sex toys is to enhance a sexual experience. Usually toys provide some sort of sensation that your body (or your partner’s body) alone can’t provide. The Hello Touch wearable vibrator from Jimmyjane takes this enhancement to a new level.

When I first saw the Hello Touch, I thought it was some sort of iPod accessory. Seriously, doesn’t this look like something you might go jogging with?




I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Hello Touch was, in fact, a sex toy. And quite a powerful one at that! The silicone finger pads slip right onto your actual finger pads, attaching to the remote which sits in a stretchy band on your wrist. With one touch of a button, your fingers become vibrators. I imagine this is a great toy for someone who’s a bit weary of the more traditional sex toys (you know, your pink and purple sparkly sort), as it’s not only sleek and discrete, but it’s the closest you can get to just using your hands.

What I Love:

-The design! This small toy is small, sleek, and futuristic. It’s easy to sneak around, especially since it comes with a small black pouch for when you’re not using it.

-The price. Vibrators with this much design and power usually run upwards of $75. The Hello Touch is $65, which feels reasonable to me.

-It’s ready to use. I love it when toys come with batteries!

-You can use it in the bath! The Hello Touch is waterproof, though shouldn’t be fully submerged, like most toys.

-It comes with a 3 year warranty.

-The user manual. Sometimes these can be a bit graphic and assumptive, only showing some of the many ways the toy can be used. I appreciated that this manual gave a bit of an anatomy lesson, displaying how the Hello Touch can be used for dual clitoral and g-spot stimulation.


What I Don’t Love:

-The vibrations are strong, but not incredibly strong. This is sufficient when relying on the vibrations as an enhancement to regular sexual activity, but might not do the job on its own.

-There’s only one vibration setting. This makes sense, as this is a sort of no-nonsense, stripped-down toy, but it could get a bit boring.

How it rates:

Price: 5

Ease of Use: 4

Safety: 5

Adorability: 5

Stealth: 5

Total: 24/25

So, if you’re looking for a simple toy with high design quality that will enhance your routine, the Jimmyjane Hello Touch is a great option!

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