Fun Toys G-Vibe Review

I’ve reviewed a lot of sex toys. After a certain point, it seems like you’ve seen everything: there’s only so much you can do to make a dildo more than a dildo. So I’m always pleasantly surprised when I get to review a truly innovative sex toy. With that, I present the Fun Toys G-Vibe from My Secret Luxury.


Though it looks like an oddly-hued duck bill, the unique double-flare shape of this toy makes for some serious creativity. Made of medical-grade silicone, each tip has its own motor, allowing simultaneous (STRONG!) vibration. It’s designed with the user in mind- there’s a comfortable handle that allows for an easy grip, and the tips were designed with the help of gynecologists (I love this!) to be as comfortable as possible for a wide range of bodies.

What I love:

  • It’s versatile! According to the awesome manual (and the user’s creativity/desire), the G-Vibe can be used to stimulate both the upper and lower vaginal wall, the G-spot and the clitoris, solely the clitoris, the base of a penis, and even the nipples.
  • Two heads are better than one. And that goes for two vibrating motors as well.
  • It’s under $100. This is pretty impressive when you look at comparable toys, which are priced upwards of $120.
  • The battery is rechargeable, making it that much more eco-friendly.
  • It’s soft and smooth, both in your hands and elsewhere.
  • It comes charged and ready to go!

What I don’t love:

  • It’s a bit awkward. For those of us that are used to single-tipped toys, it can be a lot of get used to.

As the bullet points go to show, I seriously love this toy! Let’s see how it rates on the scale:

Price: 5

Ease of Use: 4

Safety: 5

Adorability: 5

Stealth: 5

Total: 24/25

If you’re looking for a mid-priced toy that is versatile and innovative in design, the G-Vibe by Fun Toys is a great choice.

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