MSP Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #2: A Facebook Profile

Just because this blog is called doesn’t mean that it is only about sex – it’s also about love and relationships, including those with your own parents and family. If, like me, you’ve found that you largely share information about and pictures from your life on Facebook, then perhaps it’s time you set up a Facebook profile for your mom, dad, grandparent or favorite aunt/uncle with whom you wished you kept closer ties with. With their permission, offer to set up a Facebook profile – even if it’s an ultra-private one with no profile picture or personal information shown to anyone (some people, especially those with less experience with the Internet, may feel particularly hesitant about social networking sites).

Benefits of this gift are that:

- It’s free!
- It’s easy to set up.
- It’s the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, as it allows your loved one to re-connect with other friends and family members, to view photos of your cousins’ children or your own, and such.

Things to keep in mind:

- Respect their wishes and their privacy. If they don’t want to be on Facebook, don’t set it up. Maybe set up a second account for yourself and offer them the log-in information so that they can log-in as you and still view family photos, status updates and more. – If they do want a profile but want to keep certain information private, or invisible from non-friends, make sure to walk them through their privacy settings so that they can understand the steps you have taken to take care of them in this way.

To see more MSP gift ideas, check out the archives - and check back over the next few days for more, as others are to come.

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