MSP Holiday Gift Idea #3: Sticks Boxes and Furniture

Sugar plums may not dance in my head, but Sticks accessories and furniture do. One day I may treat myself to one of these pieces but until then I’ll just dream… I would LOVE to own a Sticks keepsake box or a thing for over the door (I like the one that says "Go out for Adventure, Come home for Love"). The dresser drawers and chests are amazing, too, as are the night stands and clocks and oh…. I could go on. Really, I would love to own any of these.

And so might one of your loved ones!

So if you have a little cash to spend (they are a bit pricey) check out the Sticks accessories and furniture and see if you can purchase online or find a store near you. Sticks art objects are precious (a word I don’t use lightly) because not only are the engravings and paintings beautiful but also because the sentiments ("come home for love" and "be kind to animals" and "share") are, at least I think, quite heart-warming. They remind me of the good things in life and I imagine that having such pieces in the home would be a beautiful reminder of what we would all do well to hold dear. So if you’re one of the fortunate ones who can spring for a piece, enjoy yourself! Pick out a beauty and enjoy it forever. (And if you ever get sick of it, I’ll take hand-me-downs!).

Learn more about Sticks pieces here or on their web site (Which is…. wow).

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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