Mattress Built For Lovers

Who knew that ordinary old mattresses just weren’t good enough any more, especially if you wanted to snuggle up with a special (or not so special) someone? Personally, I thought I had it good with a memory foam mattress topper and a queen size bed. However, thanks to my friend Callie and Dornob, I was able to have my eyes opened. I was blind,  but now I see… that there is a better mattress solution out there. This post from Dornob is all about the “Modular ‘Love Mattress’ Made Flexible for Cuddly Couples”.

While I’m in no rush to purchase a new mattress, I can see the appeal. Have you ever had your arm around a partner, happily snuggling away, only to have your arm fall asleep or even it starts to hurt? I’ve been there, and then I’m stuck wondering how I’m going to finagle my arm out from under them (even worse if they’re asleep, because if they’re peaceful dreaming of sugar plums, I don’t want to wake them up!).

Image courtesy of Dornobdo you put sheets on this sucker and still use it as intended? If you don’t use sheets with it, how do you clean it? As a person who has tw

However, as interesting as this is, I can see a few problems. First, um, where do the sheets go? How do you use sheets with this mattress, without loosing all of the benefits of having the flexible gaps? If you don’t use sheets, how do you clean it? Also, as a person with two dogs, I can definitely see some benefits to this mattress, but I can also see one of my dogs sinking a leg in on accident and then freaking out – that is if they don’t deem the mattress the latest and greatest in edibles. I also get that they wanted to show the people’s bodies, but white biking shorts? Really? Why not just toss the dude in some boxers? (Or show someone with a dog? Or a non-hetero couple?)

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