Eight Holiday Gifts for the Sex Geek in Your Life

It’s that time of year again! While everyone’s out buying gift cards and ill-fitting sweaters, you can be the holiday hero to a sex geek in your life. If you’re the sex geek in need of a gift, pass on the list as a hint to a friend or lover, or just keep it as a shopping list for yourself.

1. Giant microbes of STIs

Who wouldn’t love a cute plushie syphilis? You can always be remembered as the generous friend who gave everybody chlamydia for Christmas. Joking aside, they’re a nice alternative to scare tactic STI photos for teaching purposes, and in the home they make great conversation pieces. One sex geek friend of mine keeps an assortment of these in a stylish IKEA bowl on her coffee table.

2. Vulva puppet

It’s one of my prized possessions and, as I’ve mentioned in a post, it makes an excellent travel pillow in a pinch. What about a satin clitoris and velvet labia doesn’t scream holiday indulgence? If you want to give the more economical version, they have a mini size as well.

3. Stealth lube

Several lube companies feature packaging that wouldn’t be out of place in the fanciest of bath stores. The lube from Pink in particular looks like a high-end lotion and would look luxurious, rather than lewd, on a sex geek’s bedside table. Organic lube maker Good Clean Love has stainless steel Love Oil bottles that are also quite elegant.

4. Hands-Free Lube Dispenser

A while back, I blogged about my less-than-stealthy hands-free lube dispenser. Despite a one-off snafu while reaching for a water glass, I still love this thing. To create this gift, just get a hands-free soap dispenser that doesn’t require specific refills, make a cute label to replace the original on the box, and maybe include some batteries if you’re really nice.

5. Njoy wands

Not only are these stainless steel sex toys a favorite of sex geeks in the know, but they also come in gorgeous packaging. Satin lining inside a sturdy black box sure beats last year’s repurposed snowman gift bag.

Here's me, laughing at a penis pun in sex geek shirt.

6. SEX GEEK t-shirts

Sex educator Reid Mihalko, who’s credited with coining the term ‘sex geek,’ sells awesome SEX GEEK t-shirts from his website. They’re a lovely cranberry color and are sure to spark some interesting conversations.

7. E-reader, preloaded with sex books and erotica

Not everyone wants to be seen on the subway reading The Multi-Orgasmic Man. Enter the e-reader. It’s credited with supporting the 50 Shades phenomenon, largely because it allows for anonymous reading of scandalous books. This is admittedly a pricier option, but you can thoughtfully pick which books and erotic anthologies to include for your special someone(s).

8. What Makes a Baby by Cory Silverberg

Looking for a gift for a sex-positive parent? Veteran sex educator and prolific writer Cory Silverberg recently published this kickstarter-funded children’s book. In light of the limited, often heterosexist view of most where-babies-come-from books, Silverberg created “a book for every kind of family and every kind of kid.”

Well, there’s my list to Sex Geek Santa for 2012. What are you giving to the sex geek(s) in your life?

About Kate McCombs

Kate McCombs

Kate McCombs, MPH is a NYC-based sex educator + blogger. She's the founder of Sex Geekdom, a global community for sex educators, researchers, and other folks who love having geeky conversations about sex.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1173150957 Holly Moyseenko Kossover

    I just got my Sex Geek shirt at a conference and LOVE it. It’s actually sparked some cool conversation when I’m out and about. Also, the stuffed STIs are awesome. i use them for teaching, and have also found that they can spark some great conversation when friends come over. Plus, it’s fun to think about my neighbors overhearing me talkiing to my dogs when one of them grabs an STI or my plush uterus (“Ham, stop running away with my herpes!”

  • http://twitter.com/katecom Kate McCombs

    Haha! Yes, the plush STIs are great for puns. You should tweet photos of your dog running away with your herpes ;-)