Eight Holiday Gifts for the Sex Geek in Your Life (2013 Edition)

vulva treeThere’s nothing quite like a thoughtful gift that says “I love you in all your sex geekiness.” And if you’re a reader of this blog, I’d guess you have a bit of a sex geek streak yourself. Continuing the tradition of curating a list of sex-positive gifts, here are my 2013 suggestions for the sex geek in your life.

1. Buy them an iTunes gift card so they can download the first season of Masters of Sex when it comes out. This well-reviewed series about sex research pioneers Masters and Johnson will be sure to please. Plus, it’s a great gift for someone trying not to accumulate “stuff.” Check out Michaela’s post about why you should be watching it.

2. If your gift recipient is a fan of sex research, get them a Kinsey Institute branded item. They have several winter-appropriate gifts like fleece scarves, umbrellas, and warm beverage containers. snatchel

3. Make them a snatchel. If you’re a knitting nerd, check out this noteworthy pattern. Nothing says love like a homemade gift, especially when that gift looks remarkably like the female reproductive system. Maybe that’s just me, but I’d be totally touched to receive something like this. Like when my friend made me this felted vulva.

4. Speaking of felted vulvas, have you seen the Vadge Badge? Etsy seller Gemma Flack sells a great variety of felt vulva brooches. You can even have one customized to look like your vulva or someone-you-love’s vulva.

5. Invest in the Fascinator Throe. It looks like just a cozy throw, but in fact it’s a well-designed surface on which to have the sexy times (hence “throe” as in “throes of passion”). Lube, bodily fluids, or any other liquids you might throw on it don’t seep through to whatever surface is underneath. It’s perfect for cozying up in front of a fire for some yuletide bliss. And unlike that fluffy sheepskin rug, this is easily cleaned in the washing machine. clitardis

6. For the Whovian sex geek in your life (I seem to know countless), there’s the Clitardis shirt. This shirt is for those who emphasize the geek in sex geek. Like Dr. Who’s TARDIS that’s bigger on the inside, so is the clitoral complex. As many sex geeks know, the glans of the clitoris that we see on the outside is only the tip of the iceberg. For an extra geeky gift, combine it with a handmade coupon for a date to have a Dr. Who Christmas specials marathon.

7. Design a sexy treasure hunt. The last time I went to Bawdy Storytelling (It’s like The Moth, but with sex stories), one of the participants told a story about a sexy treasure hunt he created for one of his partners. His partner started with one clue to find the next, then each subsequent location had a new sexy instruction (and sometimes a toy) with clues to the final stop (with him ready for action). His was quite elaborate and had instructions leading her all over town, but you could more easily do one in your own home. If family obligations keep you from having sexy time on the holiday itself, you could always just make a nice card with an anticipation-creating IOU. becoming dr ruth

8. Get tickets to a sex-themed play or performance. For the sex geek on your list that prefers experiences to stuff, an evening out to an interesting show can be the perfect present. I recently won tickets to see Becoming Dr. Ruth from the lovely folks at Used York City, and my husband and I made a date night out of it. The show was touching and wonderfully entertaining. And it’s not just New York where shows like Becoming Dr. Ruth and Kinky Boots are playing. Book of Mormon and In the Next Room (a.k.a. the Vibrator Play) have toured around the States and internationally. Bawdy Storytelling has shows in both San Francisco and LA. Check your local theaters for shows that might be up a sex geek’s alley.

For more suggestions, check out this post I wrote last year for MySexProfessor. All those sex geeky options still apply. What gifts are you hoping will be stuffed in your stocking this year?

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