Flip Phones Are Out, Flip Sex Toys Are In?

tenga flip hole sex toy

Would you put your penis in this?

Although flip phones may be a thing of yesteryear, flip sex toys are all the rage. Or at least Tenga is hoping they will be. Enter the Tenga Flip Hole, a re-imagined version of the original Tenga masturbation sleeve. For a long time the Tenga sleeves were only available in Japan and in some parts of Europe. Then they slowly started becoming available in the US even though at first only the regular versions of the Tenga were the only ones you could get here (and were often sold as pre-lubed and disposable).

The Tenga Flip Hole actually flips open which allows for much easier cleaning than traditional masturbation sleeves that have to run water through or turn inside out to clean. It also has three plastic dots on the side casing which a man or his partner can press to provide more stimulation on a certain part of the penis when the penis is thrusting inside the Flip Hole. I first saw a version of the Flip Hole months and months ago – it was straight from Japan and came with a test tube style bottle of lube marked as “hole juice”.

I was told by a US distributer that it was unlikely that the “hole juice” name would remain when the product carried over to the US, though personally I kind of love calling it “hole juice”. After all, so much of sex gets sanitized these days, even in the world of sex toys. Sometimes it’s nice to have sex (or a sex toy) that’s a little on the dirty side.

The Tenga Flip Hole is pretty interesting on the inside too. From what I recall (and from what you can see in the video I’ve linked to below), there are all sorts of different sized and textured nubbies inside this particular toy. While many masturbation sleeves have one type of texture (e.g., ribbed, spiraled or little dots), the Tenga Flip Hole has an amazing labyrinth of textures. If I had a penis, I’d think it would be a lot of fun to first feel one sensation and then another and then yet another. And all while sliding easily through the Tenga Flip Hole with the “hole juice” lube.

Personally, I think this sex toy rocks. And I have heard rave reviews from a few different men who have tried it during their sex play. If you try it, let me know what you think.

dildo going into Tenga flip hole masturbation sleeve

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[Tenga Flip Hole video via Leenks]

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