Candy Cane Sex Is Minty Goodness

Candy canes are sooooo yummy, are they not? Too bad they have all those silly little empty sugar calories in them. Not to fear, though – not all candy canes are made of sugar. Some are made of spice – or at least they’re good for spicy sex, that is.

Take the Candy Cane Dildo, for example, made by Don Wands and available from Eden Fantasys – and not just for the holidays. It’s made of glass (think Pyrex, not window panes) which makes it easy to clean with soap and water under the faucet, with sex toy cleaner, with rubbing alcohol or in a dishwasher. Yes, the dishwasher.

The Candy Cane Dildo is softly curved like the real thing. It’s suitable for vaginal stimulation – either end may possibly be used for g spot stimulation given that the g spot is generally within 1 or 2 inches of the vaginal entrance (so please don’t try to put the entire curved end in your vajayjay – that would be a nay, nay).

On the plus side, the curved end is good for holding onto if you decide to use the toy for anal play – just don’t switch it between vaginal and anal play. Choose one or the other, please. The Candy Cane Dildo can be used with water or silicone based lubricant for more comfortable, pleasurable, sumptuously slippery play.

Not so into the Dildo thing but still like candy canes? Try sucking on a candy cane in between rounds of performing oral sex on your partner – its minty qualities can make for more intense sensations during oral play. Or get some flavored red body paint and gently paint a red swirl around your partner’s penis making it ripe for yummy, tasty, flavorful oral play. Yum, yum and more yum.

[Originally published in my weekly sex column on Cheeky Chicago.]

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