What are guys if they are not “in like”?

On gchat a few minutes ago with a guy:

(a guy): you spelled a word wrong
me: which post
guy: the peanut butter. did you mean to say love not like?
me: i meant like
guy: deep like?
me: as opposed to deep love
like not love
i wasn’t in love
but i was in like
guy: i have never heard that before
sounds weird
me: you have never heard of being "in like"???? really?
guy: no
me: huh
girls say it a lot
it’s like crushing on someone
guy: no guy says that
me: you need a word for when you are not in love
but you really like someone
me: i am going to blog this
guy: girls are wierd like that

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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