The 501 Day Date

Would you want to spend 501 together with your sweetie? Most couples spend lots of time together, but how often do you even spend seven days completely together?

According to an article on CNET, a “wealthy space tourist” is hoping to send a man and woman couple (what if there was an equally prepared gay couple?) on a 501 day trip to Mars. The flight is described as “bare bones” so don’t expect a mint on your pillow each night, if you’re considering applying.

Author Homer Hickham, is quoted in the article as stating, “A married couple in a bathroom for 501 days? I love my wife but rather take my cat and some good books.”

Once the crew leaves, there is no way to abort the mission so potential astronauts will need to be secure in their commitment to sharing approximately 600 cubic feet together for a little under a year and an half together.

Would you go for it? How do you think a relationship would fare?

An artist’s concept of a proposed Mars flyby spacecraft equipped with an inflatable habitat module. (Credit: Inspiration Mars)

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