Zombies and Your Love/Sex Life

When Kate alerted me to the coincidental zombie posts she and Jeana had written for today – and how they’d named it “Impromptu Zombie Theme Day” – I had to join the fun. Though I’m not personally into zombies, I can appreciate the idea of zombies and have enough of an interest to have apparently stored several memories of zombie-related things to share with you. For example:

1. I remembered seeing these Zombie Engagement photos taken by Amanda Rynda. I love that this couple decided to celebrate their engagement in their own way and with humor and style rather than a typical engagement photo session.

2. Into zombies? Single or in an open relationship and looking to meet others who are into zombies? Consider signing up for the zombie themed Run for Your Lives 5k Obstacle course event. Check out the FAQ for information (and laughs).

3. “Okay, CORPSE, you’ve got a zombie fetish. That’s too bad.” Who said it? If you guessed Dan Savage, you’re right. Who else was tackling zombie fetishes in a sex column back in 2005? Probably no one. Re-read this column and others from the Savage Love archives.

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