Sex column round-up

This week, in my In&Out column at Time Out Chicago, I answer questions from readers about:
- a woman who wonders if she has reached her sexual peak and how she can get her husband to want to have more sex with her
- a woman who wants to know how to calm her throbbing vagina post-breakup, and preferably in a way that doesn’t involve masturbating as she has images of her ex cheating on her (ugh)
- a man who wants to know how to get his girlfriend to let him give her oral sex
- whether it is possible to get herpes from a hand job
(Read the full column here.)

In my weekly Loveville column over at Velocity, I answer questions from readers about:
- whether one should use condoms with an ex when they get back together
- planning to get pregnant in tough economic times
(Read the full column here.)

On the Men’s Health web site (and also in their magazine each month) you can find my answers to MH readers’ questions about pubic hair and sex, the g spot, women’s orgasm, premature ejaculation and more. Check out some of the online questions here.

Finally, make sure to check out some great recent posts by our blogging team over at Kinsey Confidential!

Oh, and P.S.: Fun news! I’m on this year’s panel of judges for the 2009 Sexies Awards – (Sex Positive Journalism Awards). Read more here.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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