Remembering Bad Sex Ed Moments…on Tumblr

Michaela recently told us about how Tumblr is fostering queer community – now it’s started to foster a dialogue about people’s past experiences in bad sex education.

Last month, based on the suggestion of a friend that “someone should start a site where adults share the worst advice they ever got in sex-ed classes as a teen,” one Tumblr user took the advice to heart and did just last. was started out of this discussion, with contributions ranging from silly (female orgasm occurs when the sperm reaches the egg) to sad (AIDS is caused by premarital sex and marriage provides some sort of mystical protection from contracting it) to just plain scientifically unsound (if you are bisexual you are automatically twice as likely to have an STD). Not only is it an interesting and enlightening way to see into the world’s of other peoples’ sex ed experience, it’s also a great reminder to sex educators that bad sex education is sometimes more memorable than the good kind.

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    Is bad sex-ed better than none though? Oh what a dilemma!

    I can imagine a law-suit against a state arising from some bad education in this regard.