Recent sex column round-ups

- In Velocity, check out my responses to a guy who was wondering whether he should get his booty-calling-ex a holiday gift and to a woman whose boyfriend wants her to grow her nails long so she can scratch his back (yes, in that way) – that Dec 31 column can be found on the Velocity web site

- Also in Velocity, last week’s column brought us questions from one reader who asked me for ways to re-ignite his relationship following a two-week dry spell and another reader who was bothered by her husband’s use of porn

- In Time Out Chicago, last week my weekly In&Out column heard from a male reader who wondered to what extent his penis size might be contributing to his seeming lack of luck in getting his exes to orgasm, an 18 year old female reader who experienced some bleeding after sex (well, technically after fingering) and was wondering about that, and a male reader who was looking for a way to speed up his girlfriend’s orgasm (the fact that he was spraying lidocaine on his penis in order to last longer was a challenging issue in and of itself – yikes! not a good idea, folks).

- In this week’s Time Out Chicago, there are even more interesting questions from readers! Take, for example, the woman who asked how to improve her odds of orgasm given the religious guilt she experiences in regard to masturbation, another woman who wondered about whether it was safe for women to take birth control pills for years on end (and whether there was a pill for men), and a 30-ish guy whose fear of germs has kept him from having sex or getting into the relationship he very much wants. Read the column here. (And for those who are new to MSP, my article about using food items for sexual purposes, Debby Does Produce, remains one of the most-read on TOC – check it out here if you haven’t already done so, or you could end up using cucumbers, chocolate or whipped cream in ways that wreak havoc instead of pleasure).

- Next stop: the always fabulous Cheeky Chicago, where this week you can read my tips for successful sex toy shopping! Speaking of Cheeky, those of you in the Chi are going to their NYE party at Angels and Kings tonight…. yes? 

- Next up: what would a sex column round-up be without my sex Q&A from Men’s Health magazine? The Q&A printed in their magazine are only teasers for the plethora of Q&A that can be found online – everything from a guy who wonders why his fiancee likes girl-on-girl porn to why a woman being on top can make a difference in the way a man’s orgasm feels, and more.  

- And as always, check out Kinsey Confidential! Although we’re currently on Winter Break at IU, there is still much to learn over at KC so check back regularly and subscribe (for free!) to our Kinsey Confidential sex Q&A podcast series hosted by yours truly.

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