Q&A: How Can I Find a Sex Therapist in the Washington DC Area?

How can I find a sex therapist in the DC area who would be willing to help a gay couple work out their sexual issues together?

Start by checking out the SSTAR directory:  http://www.sstarnet.org/therapist-directory.php

And the AASECT directory (www.aasect.org).

(search by DC area or check out Virginia, Maryland if those make sense)

Honestly, the best thing to do is usually to peruse their sites, see to what extent they seem to fit with one’s own style, maybe even call or have an initial consult, etc. I think therapist-client fit is one of
the most important things. The sex therapists I know tend to be skilled at helping couples of all orientations but you can get a better sense for whether you think they’re the right fit for you as a couple if you go and meet them. It’s certainly true that some therapists specialize in helping couples of certain orientations.

As with medical doctors/nurses, you’re the one hiring the therapist. If you don’t seem to fit, move on and make an appointment with another one. Sometimes you get lucky on the first try and find a good therapist
for your particular situation. Other times you might need to meet with 2 or 3 or 4 therapists before you find a good fit. Hope this helps!

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