Planning For A Lucky Wedding?

I came across a blog post on Merital Bliss talking about whether or not there will be plenty of weddings in a supposedly “unlucky” year the same day as a newly engaged friend told me she just had to get married this year. See, she explained to me she couldn’t get married next year because it’s 2013 and 13 is bad luck, and getting married in 2014 is too far off. It seemed to be meant to be, so is there any truth to Merital Bliss’ question of whether there will be less weddings and babies next year? While she muses that triskaidekaphobia (the fear of 13) is truly real, she doesn’t fear for a lack of wedding invites. I’m not sure that it will cause much issue either, but then again, 13 is my mom’s favorite number and often my grandma told me it was really a lucky number (not that I am planning nuptials for next year).

I think I’ve heard of more people believing certain days to be lucky or unlucky. A good friend of mine chose her wedding day not because it was the anniversary of her first date with her beloved or her parents wedding anniversary but because she added all of the numbers together and she believed it spelled marital bliss for her. I’m not sold that a whole year could be unlucky (and if enough people believed it, we’d just pretend that year didn’t exist and next year would become 2014 – we could treat 2013 just like the 13th floor on most buildings), but I believe people should do what works for them.

I definitely have my own habits that I think inspire luck, so I can’t pretend to scoff at anyone’s decision to avoid marriage (or a baby, date, whatever) on a certain thought to be unlucky day or pick a day thought to be lucky. I believe that if a day is thought to be lucky and planning a wedding on that day, it is just as good as picking a sentimental day. Some people may pick a sentimental day, others may go for the luck value, and others may have their own reasons. One of the best marriages I’ve seen is my mom and step dad’s and their wedding day wasn’t thought to be especially lucky (or unlucky) or sentimental – it was a season they enjoyed and a day that happened to be free. Of course, now it is sentimental to them. 

But back to whether or not 2013 will see a steady stream of weddings. Our culture seems to love weddings, so while I think some people may push a wedding up or back based upon their superstitions, others will just see 2013 as the year that they get married. I’m starting to see less of my friends single and more married, so the weddings are starting to slow down in my group of friends. I still think weddings are lovely things (I truly enjoy seeing people in love, whether it’s a first time wedding, a commitment ceremony, vow renewal, etc), but  I won’t blame a lack of wedding invitations in my mailbox next year on triskaidekaphobia. However, I did just see an invitation for this May that I’m very excited for, so 2012 seems to be a lucky number for at least one person I know! Would you avoid planning a wedding because it’s in an “unlucky” year?

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