New Uses For Old Christmas Decorations

The Christmas season is now upon us in full force. I was reminded of this as I walked into a drugstore today and was saddened to see that the Halloween displays that I loved so much had been replaced by ornaments and Christmas lights. Not that I don’t love Christmas mind you, but I do wish that it could be a little less obvious until after Thanksgiving at least.

However, the drugstore seemed a little more interesting this time.

Last Monday I went to a presentation on using things you might find at a convenience store for kinky fun. The main takeaway message from the presentation was that you just need to exercise your creativity a little and pretty much anything you can find at the store can be used for erotic play. Suddenly the aisle of Christmas decorations seemed a lot more interesting.

I was most intrigued by the possibilities of the garland. It could certainly be used as a decoration for the bedroom but it shouldn’t be limited to that. The texture of a garland is not unlike a feather boa. This could make for some really fun sensation play particularly if your partner is ticklish. Also, depending on what the garland is made of it could be used for some light bondage. This is something that you might want to test in advance, some kinds will break more easily than others and others have wire running through them. You should make sure that you have something on hand that is capable of cutting the garland just in case something goes wrong.

Only creativity is the limit. I’d love to hear about other fun Christmas themed ideas that people come up with.

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