Never Too Old For Divorce

Recently a friend of mine was shocked that she knew a couple in their 50s who divorced – they’d been married for more than 25 years, so she could not imagine why they couldn’t “make” their marriage work. I do think it’s incredibly difficult to start over at any age, but especially after spending so much time together.

While I was mulling over her recent discovery, I found an article on a couple who split up after 77 years! Apparently a couple in Italy filed for divorce when the 99 year old husband discovered that his wife, 97, had written love letters to another man during a “secret affair” in the 1940s. The husband discovered these love letters just before Christmas, but they’d had problems before so don’t think this is all a recent thing. Ten years ago, the husband moved in with one of their sons – but the couple got back together. The husband seems to be adamant that the marriage is over, despite pleading from his wife. 77 years is a long time (and I can’t even imagine living to 99!)… but if it’s over, it’s over.

Photo courtesy to Google Images

Would you split up after 77 years together? What would be your final straw, regardless of how long you’ve been together?

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