Merry Christmas Sex and Love Gifts!

As Christmas approaches, here are a few gifts of sex and/or love from me to you:

- An article about our recent lubricant study (the largest study of women’s use of lubricants ever), as reported on YourTango
- A Kinsey Confidential podcast featuring Dan Savage, in which he talks about why he was in Bloomington, his aha moment with the Cowper’s glands, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, same sex marriage and adoption, his books and more [Kinsey Confidential]
- Some tips on how to prevent prediabetes. And yes, I know this is a sex blog but because diabetes is linked to sex problems in women and men, I thought these tips might be helpful over the holiday season [American Diabetes Association]
- I want to eat here next time I’m in Atlanta. You might like it, too. It could be a good place to take someone you love. [Varasanos]
- And then there’s this beautiful animation by one of my favorite artists, Brian Andreas of StoryPeople. It has to do with love:

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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