Introducing New MSP Blogger: Kiersten

Hi everyone! I’m Kiersten and I’m veryLovely to meet you!
excited to add my voice to the MSP blogging team.

I’m an insatiably curious nerd who happens to be fascinated with sex. There really isn’t much about it that isn’t interesting. I’m about to start my fourth year at the University of Chicago and in a desperate attempt to satisfy my curiosity I’m majoring in Gender Studies and minoring in Statistics. Starting this fall I’ll be working on my B.A. thesis which will focus on sex education curriculum though I am also interested in changes in social attitudes surrounding various sex practices and how attitudes change across different cultures. My current plan is to graduate this coming June and go on to graduate studies in the fall at an as yet undetermined school.

I’m currently a co-President of the student organization Risk Aware Consensual Kink, or as we call it, RACK. We function primarily as a safe space for UChicago students who may be interested in kink to meet and learn new things. We have weekly discussion based meetings and try to discuss different facets of human sexuality each week. Each member brings something unique to the group and I feel like I’ve learned a lot about sexuality from it.

I really hope you’ll enjoy my contributions to this amazing blog and would love to hear feedback and suggestions about things that I should investigate further.

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  • Kate McCombs

    Welcome to the team Kiersten!

  • Debby

    Welcome, Kiersten!

  • JH

    Hi Kiersten! Welcome!

  • Brittany

    Welcome!! Look forward to reading your inciteful stories, tips, reviews, etc! You go to UIC? Would be interesting in knowing if gender studies there is separate from Women’s and Gender studies?

  • anonymoose

    Welcome! I am a guy reader / commenter. I am interested to see the similarities and differences between the posts of Debby and the new bloggers.

  • anonymous

    UIC =/= UChicago