Getting Married As A Sex Blogger

Working as a blogger here at has led me to take a new perspective on some aspects of getting married (which is happening this August, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet for various reasons). Since I’ve been having such an interesting time of things, I thought I’d share some of my experiences here.

1. Writing for a sex blog means there’s no need for sex toys at the bridal show. Yes, we know it’s a classic rom-com and sitcom trope to have the gifts get mixed up so it looks like someone’s grandma is giving someone a giant dildo. Trust me, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on too much. Also, with the extensive list of products we review, I probably know better than anyone else where to get a good vibrator.

2. If you’re already researching and reading a lot about sex, going to a strip club for your bachelor/bachelorette party seems a lot less exciting. There is no end to the variety of erotic materials I look at while coming up with posts for this blog, so the thought of going to a strip club seems relatively tame in comparison. That, and my partner and I decided not to go that route since we don’t really feel like we need to have one last explosively transgressive night since it doesn’t feel like we’re giving up any freedom in getting married.

3. You only have to be the slightest bit attuned to gender roles to notice how exaggerated they are in wedding planning. As the bride-to-be, I’m basically in charge of planning the wedding (with a lot of help from friends and family, thank goodness!). I’m also the person in the relationship who gets asked the most about: 1. what I will wear, 2. what the bridesmaids will wear, 3. what everyone else will wear, 4. the flowers, 5. the ceremony, 6. the music, 7. the food (okay, I come from a foodie family, that was gonna be a topic of discussion regardless), 8. the rings, 9. the honeymoon, 10. any and every bloody detail ever. As far as I can tell, my (male) partner has received only a handful of questions about the whole affair since we started planning it months and months ago. I’ve been so stressed that I’ve gone through phases of nausea whenever anyone even mentions the wedding to me. But the genders are equal these days. Riiiight.

There’s more I could say here, but I think I’ll save it for another post. Hopefully you get the idea, though: writing for a sex blog opens your eyes to a lot of the world, some of it wonderful and sexy, and other bits based more on stereotypes.

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