Flip Benches and Love

Maybe I live in a cave, but until I visited Budapest this summer, I had never before seen what I liked to call “flip benches” (see above). Flip benches are kind of like reversible shirts in that you can use them forward or backwards, but they’re benches. You can sit on a flip bench facing one way or you can flip it over and face the other way. We saw them when we were on our way to the Gellert Baths (which is why I have a swimsuit on under my dress), on a little pathway to a church that’s in a cave. Inside the church, they were (oddly enough) playing a Gregorian chant-like version of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars (I’m not making this up – I took video with audio while inside to prove it).

We also took video of me playing with the Flip Benches (see above) so I could show you all how they work in case, like me, you have never seen them before. The flip benches did make me wonder what it would be like to be on a first or fifth date with someone who gives you goosebumps and to come across this flip bench. It would be dark, I like to think, and the couple would think the bench was like any other normal bench. I can see these two people sitting on a flip bench and kissing passionately and then the bench flips unexpectedly, which makes them a little afraid they’ll fall, but then they catch themselves and they laugh and hold onto one another a little closer and start kissing again. Sort of like the old psychology experiments in which people who had more scary/exhilerating experiences (e.g., going on a roller coaster or walking across a shaky bridge) were more apt to like someone or ask them out.

Anyway, it made me think: maybe flip benches can help people fall in love, too.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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