DVR as Sex Therapist?

Check out this great post from the Boston Globe’s web site about how 79% of people in a recent survey said that the TiVo/DVR/similar gadgets had helped their personal relationships. You can imagine how it may have helped more than a few sex lives, too – perhaps less fighting about which show to watch and more possibilities for turning off a television show (with plans to watch it later) while you took advantage of a partner’s interest in having sex right. this. very. minute. No more need to choose between Sex and the City and Sex in Your Own Bedroom, or Sports Center and Personal Sex Center! You can, they’d like us to believe, have it all. Ah, the American dream.

What a great reminder to turn off the bedroom and – at the very least – talk to each other. Look at each other when you’re talking to show that you’re listening. Rub your partner’s back or feet. Ask – sincerely – how their day was. Spend time with your children. Call your parents or grandparents. And if you’ve got a partner, have sex sometimes too! It’s fun, right?

[Thanks, Chris, for the link.]

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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