I’m Just Not That Into You: Reasons For Turning Down A Second Date

Is there a bad reason to not go out on a second date? Blogger Anna Davies at Refinery 29 made me wonder if there are ridiculous reasons out there. In her piece, ten different readers listed a reason why they had decided that one date was enough (or in some cases, more than enough).

I know from personal experience that sometimes you’re just not meant to be with a person – maybe on that first date you just don’t click romantically or after one date you are rather irritated and just can’t imagine spending one more cup of coffee with that person (sorry, Ron). One person in the article simply says, “he said he hated yoga.” Some people may think that is a really silly reason and to give the person a second chance. But what if Kelly is a yoga teacher and the date was vehemently opposed to yoga? Who wants to sit over dinner with someone who mocks your job on a regular basis?

Photo by Philip Botta

Philip Botta

Photo by Philip Botta

Have you ever had a “ridiculous” or just a very good reason for skipping a second date? How do you tell the person that it’s not you, it’s them? Let us know on Twitter where we are @mysexprofessor or turn me down for another date @ItsHollyAgain.

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