Ashton Kutcher is Sex-Positive?

In talking about his new film with Natalie Portman No Strings Attached, Ashton Kutcher notes that “we have to stop acting like casual sex isn’t happening”. The film is about two friends that decide to hook up, commitment-free. While this is a pretty common phenomenon, it’s not often talked about. In fact, most frequently, casual sex and hooking up are portrayed very negatively. People that have casual sex, especially women, are often scrutinized for their “promiscuous” ways.

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But the truth of the matter is, as Ashton so candidly put it, “[We need to] start to be realistic about what a modern courting relationship is like.” It’s rare that you find young people “going steady” or going on several dates before becoming sexually involved. However, it’s pretty common to find two young people that met at a party, hooked up one night, and then decided to continue the arrangement. From what I can tell from the preview, the movie seems to highlight that.

I’m glad that Ashton stands behind the film, and in doing so, makes a lot of realistic, sex-positive statements.

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