Even though this song is about an unhealthy relationship including a partner who cuts the other one down, Timbaland’s Apologize (feat. OneRepublic) makes me feel intensely happy and liberated. Maybe because I know what it feels like to get to that point in a relationship that’s not good for you or your self-esteem where you finally realize that you will no longer accept being treated badly, critically or without respect… and then you break free. And it feels SO GOOD. When you get to that point – or at least when I’ve gotten to that point in the past –  there is often nothing that person can do to win you back or make things right. Although it’s been a long time since I’ve been in that place, I can still remember how freeing it feels.

Check out the video here (below) and, if you’re interested, read the lyrics here.


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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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