A Novel Take On Romance

Why We Need Romance Novels is a bold essay that situates romance novels within a sexist culture that more often than not punishes women for being sexually active or adventurous. The author argues that romances do not, overall, tend to subvert the existing paradigm, but rather, they do the important work of showing “a possible world within our paradigm, one in which women are able to seek sexual satisfaction with a trustworthy partner without fear.” Removing fear from exploring one’s sexuality tends to be a good thing, whether it happens through literature or better education.

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Jeana Jorgensen, PhD recently completed her doctoral degree in folklore and gender studies at Indiana University. She studies fairy tales and other narratives, dance, body art, feminist theory, digital humanities, and gender identity.

  • http://www.bringbackdesire.com/ Ande Lyons

    LOVED AJ’s article! Thank you for sharing her beautifully written and expressed post on one of my favorite topics – romance novels.

    So many folks have been jumping on the 50 Shades wagon (haven’t read it either)… and calling one of my favorite pastimes ‘Mommy Porn’ makes me want to growl. Porn is something you watch… ok everyone? :D

    I’ve been reading romance novels since I was 15… and added erotic romance novels later in life. Here’s what I would add to AJ’s eloquent points about this literary genre:

    Remember the “take me away Calgon’ commercials? It is so much fun to dive into a hot, steamy, and well written romance (and romantica) book by an author who understands the values of love, honor, cherish, respect and really great female sex.

    Along with a terrific story, characters, and literary adventure… what better way to learn new techniques and fantasies to enjoy with your beloved in the privacy of your own bedroom!

    My favorite stories not only arouse women, they provide her with some fun new ideas for an emotionally safe, sensually pleasing time with her guy! YAY!!

    Women are aroused by how they feel… and reading about all that wonderful, emotionally connecting, consensual sex… mmm mmm mmm! Lucky gals AND guys.

    Sure, enjoy romance novels for the pure delicious read. And.. while you’re at it… keep the sparks alive in your marriage/committed relationship.