10 Love Songs to Fall in Love By

To follow up on the 10 sad love songs post I recently put together, I thought it only fair to assemble 10 love songs that may inspire happiness and joy in your heart of hearts – perhaps especially if you’re in the midst of falling in love.

Of course, happiness and certain love songs aren’t always good for the long haul. Often, love songs become happy and magical when you’re in love, or falling in love, with a particular person. They become part of a soundtrack of your relationship. Every time you hear the song, you think about how you’re falling in love or how happy you feel with that person.

And then, as things go, the relationship may end. In fact, most relationships end at some point so it’s nothing to feel terrible about, it’s just that it’s sometimes it’s sad. Hearts break. Especially if you’re the one that didn’t want it to end or if you felt betrayed or hurt. Then that song that used to make you feel happy? Now, perhaps it makes you feel sad. Some previously happy love songs lose their happiness only temporarily, and then you get your happiness back and can listen to the song again when you’re over the breakup or when you fall in love again. Other times, there’s always a trace of sadness when you hear that song. Some people choose to stop listening to former love songs for a while.

In the list below, you’ll find 10 love songs that reflect much of what is good about being in love. Most of them have been deeply personal to me at times, a part of various relationship soundtracks. And 1 or 2 of them don’t inspire happiness in me anymore (because of lost love and heartbreak kinds of things) but perhaps they might inspire happiness in you.

Most of them still make me feel happy and young and alive inside. And I hope they do good things for you, too, like put a skip into your step or a flutter in your heart.

1. Memories are Made of This (Johnny Cash)

2. Another Day by Jamie Lidell

3. Flowers in the Window (Travis)

4. You and I (Wilco) – Go to 0:40 for the music

5. Forever (Chris Brown) – the Wedding Entrance is the best bet for giddy happiness.

6. Love Train (O’Jays)

7. More Than a Woman (Bee Gees)

8. You Are the Best Thing (Ray LaMontagne)

9. I Was Made to Love You (Polly Paulusma)

10. Life could be a Dream (The Crew Cuts)


11. Closer by Travis (the cameo by Ben Stiller in the video is kind of fun too)

What songs are in your relationship soundtracks, past or present?

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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