VIDEO: Sqweel Sex Toy Review

As a complement to yesterday’s post about LoveHoney’s brand new Sqweel sex toy that’s meant to simulate oral sex, I wanted to be able to show you how the toy works, how to take it apart to clean it and how gentle the moving parts are against one’s skin. And of course the only way one can truly do so is through the wonders of video (not to mention a few fun props), so here goes:

Sqweel Sex Toy Review from Debby Herbenick on Vimeo.

As you may recall, the key details on the Sqweel are as follows:

- The ten rotating tongues are made of easy-to-clean silicone
- The black compartment is made of a velvet-touch plastic (also easy to clean)
- The toy can be easily taken apart, cleaned and put back together
- The Sqweel runs (it rotates, not vibrates) using 3 AAA batteries
- I recommend using a water-based lubricant with it – applied to one’s genitals (not the toy itself, which would be tedious given the number of tongues)

Having had a chance to try the Sqweel on for size, I have a few additional thoughts:

1. Please be careful how you hold it! In some hand positions, one’s fingers can get caught in the compartment and stop the movement of the tongues. This happened to me once or twice. It didn’t hurt, but just wanted to throw that out there in case you are used to moving your hands along with your toy of choice. Or if you have particularly long labia or hair down there that may possibly be an issue too (???).

2. I found that holding the Sqweel steady and straight (aimed perpendicular at one’s body) was the best strategy – leaning it to one side or the other, as one might do with a typical vibrator, sometimes caused uncomfortable feelings due to the toy’s edges pressing against fairly sensitive parts.

3. Try exploring the low, medium and high settings – for example, using the low setting to build arousal and the medium or high settings to up the intensity or as one approaches orgasm (if that’s your thing). You might even try turning the tongues upside down for a modified version of Sqweel play stimulation.

4. In regard to positions, one can lay back and enjoy self-directed or partnered stimulation OR you can prop it like some do with the Fleshlight (e.g., between sofa cushions, between the mattress and box springs or in a sneaker). Need inspiration? Check out for examples of how people use the Fleshlight in different ways. The Sqweel can be used to stimulate men’s or women’s genitals though I don’t recommend it for internal anal stimulation lest it possibly get “lost” (and not lost in translation, which I just watched again late last night).

5. Look out for updates! The folks at LoveHoney have said that they are planning to roll out different “attachments” in time – so if you decide to try to Sqweel, there should be even more to come.

Again, I think this is a very innovative sex toy. If you try it, please let me know what you think – I always enjoy hearing and learning about others’ perspectives and experiences with sex and, in particular, with sex toys.

Buy the Sqweel here.

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