Toy Review: Good Vibes Moonlight Serenade Kit

Thanks to the lovely Camilla at Good Vibes, I recently received the Moonlight Serenade Kit, a sweet little bundle that includes the adorable Bootie Anal Plug, a 2 oz bottle of Please gel lubricant, and the Screaming O cock-ring, for only $39. I highly recommend this kit to anyone wanting to explore anal play for the first time, as it’s super easy to use and visually pleasing.

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The Bootie

-it’s adorable! I received one in purple that is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.

-it’s easy to clean. Since it’s silicone, you can wash it with warm water and soap, or a toy-cleansing wipe.

-it’s great for beginners. Even at the flared tip, it’s only 1.25 inches wide, making it a good size for comfort.

-can be used alone, or with a friend.

-they give you all the information you’ll need. Fun Factory toys, unlike other toys I’ve reviewed, all have a pamphlet with information about every toy in their line. They tell you how to clean your toy, to use lube, and even ask you to recycle their packaging!

-it came with a lube sample. Yay, more lube!



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Please lube

-this gel lube offers a thicker consistency, and is odorless (and I noticed no aftertaste)

-it won’t leak! Since it’s a gel, you’re less likely to get messy (when you don’t want to).

-it’s tiny, but still has a press-top cap, making it great for transport.

-I did notice that you’ll need to use a bit more lube than usual to achieve the desired effect, perhaps because this is a gel-based lube



"Screaming O", courtesy of

Screaming O

-though this is a fairly standard vibrating cock ring, I love how it’s made of silicon in order to provide comfort for most users

-DISCLAIMER: Though these toys all look great together, I don’t recommend using the Screaming O cock ring on the Bootie toy. Though the vibrating sensations are probably awesome, there’s no attachment keeping the ring from falling off and being lodged internally. If you want to use all your toys at once, I recommend either using the toys on separate body parts, or using them on different partners.


Here’s how the Moonlight Serenade Kit rates on the Sex Toy Scale:

Price: 4

Ease of Use: 5

Safety: 5

Adorability: 4

Stealth: 5

Total Rating: 23/25


I highly recommend the Moonlight Serenade for anybody who wants to ease into anal play. Head on over to the GoodVibes website to snag your own!

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