This Week on MSP: Dungeons, Sex Toy Retirement & Love Songs

If our dog (below) had her druthers, she would get to keep her mangy dog toys forever. Fortunately, we – like many dog people – know when our dog’s toys have met their demise (typically when the stuffing is pulled out and she’s found that squeaky part). But how well do people know when to throw out their own toys? Specifically, their sex toys?

Recently, a friend was telling me about someone who was saying how he felt bad that he and his girlfriend were still using a pretty run-down vibrator when clearly (from his perspective) they needed a new one to use together. However, some people feel very attached to their old sex toys even when their favorite toy is no longer clean or, frankly, safe.

So, this week we’ll take a look at when people should strongly consider retiring their old sex toys. We’ll also take a look at dungeons and highlight tips for those who are dungeon-curious or new to such spaces. In addition, we will spot more genitals in the wild, listen to love songs, and quite a bit more.

Thanks again for all of your wonderful insights and comments from our first-ever theme week, last week’s Sex and Fashion week. As someone who adores theme days when I teach and theme costume parties when I celebrate, it was fun to have a theme week on MSP.

Best wishes for a lovely week.


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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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