This Spoon Rest Was Made for Spanking.

There are the sex toys you go out and buy. And then there are the ordinary household objects that one day you look at and wonder whether it might serve a sexy double purpose. Take, for example, the man who once wrote to me to talk about using a condom-covered handle of the toilet plunger as an anal toy (his wife wasn’t into toys, so he got creative at home rather than going out and buying a dildo). Or the other uses of cucumbers. And the many cases of bottles, tennis racket handles, and more (I don’t recommend using these things for penetrative sex, but sometimes people do it anyway – see the chapter in my Because It Feels Good book about safer anal play as well as unsafe instances of anal stimulation).

Penetration isn’t the only way to make good sex play. Some people use neckties or scarves to tie each other up. Others use the smooth side of hairbrushes for spanking. And although this spoon rest wouldn’t likely be a good paddle for those who like it rough, those who are just beginning to explore mild pats or spanks on the butt,  might find a spoon rest or a DVD case or even a nearby shoe that works for them. As always, be safe and enjoy.


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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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