The G-Spot, The P-Spot: Sex Toys for Multiple Purposes and Genders

I’m all about being inclusive with sexuality, both inside and outside of the bedroom. And nothing is more sexually inclusive, or economically practical, than being able to use your sex toys for different purposes on different bodies. So I’ve compiled a list of toys that can be used both vaginally as well as anally for sexual stimulation: with some boiling in between, of course!

Since the g-spot and the prostate are located approximately one to three and two to three inches in towards the belly button inside the vaginal and anal canals respectively, they each respond well to toys with a slight curvature in them in order to apply pressure to the area. An additional bonus with prostate toys is that regular stimulation of the prostate, leading to the excretion of seminal fluid and often, intense orgasms, can promote prostate health. Remember that each body is different and some people may enjoy stimulating the area indirectly with vibration or thrusting, whereas others may require focused pressure to achieve climax. Either way, many people describe g-spot and p-spot stimulation as intensifying their orgasms and increasing pleasure. Finding out what you and your partner each enjoy is, after all, part of the fun!

1. The Njoy Fun Wand

What a beautiful piece of art this toy is! It’s made of boilable stainless steel, which has a wonderful coolness to it and works wonderfully with both silicone and water-based lubricants. It can also be placed in the freezer or heated in water to play with the temperature even more. It has two insertable sides, one with beads ideal for either stimulating the anal sphincter muscles or contracting the PC muscles for Kegel exercises. It’s also a very sleek, elegant design and a great addition to any toy collection.

2. The Rose G-Spotter

Another great temperature play toy that both affordable as well as nicely designed. This toy is also great with silicone as well as water-based lubricants and inserts smoothly into both the vaginal and anal canals for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. Since it’s made of Pyrex, it’s durable and boilable; it is also double sided, so that the user can play with sensation as well as girth while using the toy. If you’ve never tried glass, this is a great place to start!

3. The G-Curve Dildo

A great toy to strap on, for vaginal intercourse as well as some good old fashioned pegging! The G-Curve is 100% silicone, which makes it non-porous, hypoallergenic and boil-safe. It’s also ideal with water-based lubricants, which won’t conflict with the silicone base of the toy. It also has a flared base, which makes it ideal for harnessing into a strap-on as well as a safer anal toy. For those interested in choosing a dildo to start building a collection, or even for those who have already experimented, this medium-sized toy is an excellent addition.

Whatever toy you choose, make certain that it is properly disinfected between uses, whether it’s being shared amongst partners or simply used on your own body. Oh, and of course, enjoy!

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