Sized to fit condoms

A recent study that my colleagues and I conducted at The Center for Sexual Health Promotion was just published in the scientific journal Sexually Transmitted Infections. It is a comparison of a standard sized condom and a condom sized to fit the length and circumference of men’s erect penises. Basically we recruited more than a thousand men around the United States, asked them to measure their erect penises and to respond to lots of "baseline" questions about their attitudes, sexual behaviors, condom usage and such. Then we randomly assigned them to either be shipped standard sized condoms to use for 2 weeks or custom fitted condoms to use for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks had passed they received the other kind of condom and were asked to use that condom type when they had sex during the next 2 weeks (e.g., half of the men used standard condoms and then fitted condoms; the other half used fitted condoms and then standard sized condoms). All the while, we asked them to go online daily to complete short questionnaires about their condom use and sexual behaviors.

If you’re curious how the study turned out – e.g., which condoms were more acceptable, which condoms broke or slipped more or less, and how this might have differed among men of different penis size categories, you can learn more here.

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