Sex With a Snuggie? The Snuggie Sutra Shows You How

The Snuggie Sutra

We all laughed when the ridiculous commercials advertising Snuggies (or as I see them, fleece bathrobes worn backwards) graced our televisions. But don’t lie, I know you were just a little bit curious as to what it was really like. Which is why you probably bought one. It’s okay, I’m a proud blue Snuggie-owner myself (though I do pride myself on the fact that it was a gift). Debby, however, got in on the trend early when she was gifted with a Slanket, as in a “blanket with sleeves”, well ahead of the curve.

But Snuggie Sex? I never would have put the two together. I mean, come on guys, nothing says sexy like a giant fleece blanket with arm holes….right?

Alas, somebody thought it up, and there’s a book to prove it (you may remember one of Sarah’s favorite Snuggie sex positions). The Snuggie Sutra, by Lex Friedman and Megan Morrison, features 100 sex positions that feature the Snuggie. Apparently the book is pretty popular, as Amazon features a deal that allows customers to buy a blue Snuggie, a pink Snuggie, and the book for just $40. Now that’s a deal, people. Some of my favorite positions on their site can be found below. Thanks to Ariel for the link!

The Snuggie Sutra is available on Amazon.

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The Matador: "She taunts him, he advances — she pulls away. She teases him, he approaches — she lets him go. When she is ready, she takes the bull by the horns. Olé!"

The Summer Shower: "It can take you by surprise. You're enjoying a beautiful day when suddenly, the heavens open up and rain pours down. You and your partner can seek refuge under a Snuggie. It's a great way to get wet while staying dry."

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