Sex Toys: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

The holidays are upon us, and if you’re like me and put off buying gifts until the very last minute – the fact that Christmas is less than a week away may be stressing you out a bit.

But fret no more MSP’ers, because I’ve got the perfect solution for your stocking stuffer dilemma:


Now obviously if you’re buying gifts for your grandmother, or perhaps – your boss, this will likely NOT be a good gift route to take (even if your grandmother is sex toy positive, she may not want to get one from you, her grandchild). But if you’re looking for an item to give your partner, sex toys are where it’s at. Plus, gift giving is the perfect opportunity for introducing sex toys to the relationship (no matter what holiday you celebrate!).

So lets say you’re on board with the idea but don’t know how to shop for the perfect toy? Again, fret no more MSP’ers, we’ve got you covered. Dr. Herbenick wrote a four-post series a while back, going over the top must-know tips when it comes to buying sex toys (click the tip to get the whole scoop).

  • TIP #1 – Learn about the materials your sex toy is made with. Some toys can contain toxic chemicals, so getting the 411 on what your toy is made of is best for everyone!
  • TIP #2 – If you’re getting a vibrator, test the volume of the product. You can check the product out in person at a local sex toy store or at an in-home sex toy party.
  • TIP #3 - Before you buy a toy, think about what type of stimulation you’re going for (i.e. clitoral only, g spot play, both clitoral and vaginal). That way,  it will help you narrow down your choices.
  • TIP #4 - Consider your partner. When choosing a toy, get something that won’t intimidate the other person (i.e. ladies – steer clear of 12 inch dildos, that may bring up some insecurity issues).

So now that we’ve covered the basics on buying the product, here are a few ideas to include on your last-minute shopping list.

For Him: Surprise him with a vibrating cock ring, MSP did a write up on the Lelo Homme Bo vibrating cock ring, or if you’re looking to take a cheaper route – Trojan has a disposable vibrating ring that’s pretty handy. Another great option is a masturbation sleeve, which should also be paired with some water-based  lube so that the toy doesn’t end up chaffing their member.

For Her: One can never go wrong with a new vibrator. MSP has done numerous products reviews, (check out the Orgasmic Bliss or the Waterproof Pocket Rocket for starters) or you surprise her with something for her girls (think: nipple stimulators or nipple arousal balm).

And of you’re looking to browse through a larger selection, you can always check out sites like MyPleasure, Early to Bed, Pure Romance, Trojan Vibrations or other shops where they have a variety of toys for men, women, as well as couples toys.

Happy Holidays!

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