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A good friend of mine posted a link to an article Keeping It Clean: Top Tips For Sex Toy Sanitation on Facebook a few days ago. There are plenty of articles on MSP about sex toys and fantastic sex toy reviews, but many people overlook cleaning their toys properly.

As kids, most of us are taught to put our toys away when we’re done with them. It’s fairly easy to toss a toy in a drawer when you’re done, but after you’ve had some lovely play time, the first thing on your mind may not be “I should get up and sanitize this – I feel so much better when things are clean!”

The article emphasizes that if toys aren’t clean (or cleaned properly), bacteria and “other nasty things” can linger – which means they can hang out and meet back up with your body later. Hepatitis C can stay on a toy for hours or days. Also, if you use a toy anywhere near your anus, that bacteria isn’t vagina friendly so it’s important if it’s going to be near a vagina again to clean the toy properly.

The article has lots of great ways of cleaning toys, and takes into consideration what material the toys are made from. Good old soap and water works well for the majority of toys; use antibacterial soap and after it lathers, make sure it sits for a minute to properly sanitize the toy.

Other options for cleaning that CJ Edwards mentions are plain warm water, a dishwasher, a mild bleach solution, boiling water, and sex toy cleaner. While I tend to think that sex toy cleaner is superfluous, it can definitely come in handy. Although the medical grade soap Hibiclens is not specifically a sex toy cleaner, my friend Sarah swears by it. It’s important to keep in mind that if there is any residue on the toy (for example, from a cleaner) it has the potential to irritate the delicate skin where it may be used.

The We-Vibe Touch, it's travel bag, and charger

The We-Vibe Touch, it's travel bag, and charger

An option that isn’t mentioned in the article is using a condom on the toy. Condoms fit on most toys, even ones that are oddly shaped or large. Changing condoms can also be useful on the toy if someone is going from anal play to vagina, as that bacteria can cause some infections.

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