Buttplug Of The Month Club!

It seems like in the past few years, monthly subscription clubs have increased in popularity. While I’d heard of wine, beer, cheese, bacon, and cosmetic monthly boxes, I thought a friend was making it up when she emailed me a link to the Buttplug of the Month club. It turns out that it is real. Also, I was actually pretty intrigued by the concept. I’d read about one other sex toy of the month club, and my only hesitation is that sex toys seem to be so personal. For example, I dislike hard plastic toys (no pun intended!) – the feel does nothing for me, they are difficult to fully sanitize, and I find that they don’t last as long. However, if you enjoy using buttplugs, this may be something to put on your birthday wishlist or something for your Valentine (whether it’s a lover or yourself!).


Many other monthly subscriptions allow you to purchase one month at a time (or three month increments), but (sorry!) the Buttplug of the Month club requires a six or twelve month investment. The company will allow you to switch over the subscription if you want to gift one month to a friend and perhaps the rest to yourself. If you’re someone who is intrigued by buttplugs and not sure what you like, I can definitely see this being ideal as you have the potential to sample a wide variety of toys. The company says that they use a bit of magic to select the toys, and the recipient of the monthly gift will experience “a plethora of buttplugs that are diverse in terms of shape, size, and color. Don’t tell us you’re against diversity.” Whether you choose six or twelve months, it still breaks down to less than $20 each month – not bad for a brand new toy.

Do you subscribe to any monthly clubs? Which ones, and what do you think? I’m always looking for new things to try!

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