Sex Toy Review: Lelo BO the “gentleman’s pleasure object” AKA Vibrating Cockring (general shot package)


As regular MSP readers know, I often give out sex toys to individuals and couples who I trust to provide a careful, articulate review. Here is a review from a man who has been trying the Lelo Homme “Bo” (which I recently wrote about here) alone and with his partner. It is the longest but also the most awesome review I have ever received:

“So I‘ve been testing out the BO for about two months and I gotta say this thing is pretty crazy…. Crazy awesome. While I’m not a total cock ring virgin I have to say the BO is light years ahead of the huge generic vibrating cock ring my lady and I tried to used in the past (see below for a comparison):

As you can see, the folks over at Lelo really thought this thing through. I mean look at the design there- Its simple and I like it that way. Vibrating technology has really come a long way since the previous generation!

Above: The vibrating component (right) slides on to the ring (left).

The BO is light (25 grams) and that is really more important than you may think. Wearing a heavy cock ring is like double duty -yah gotta hold that thing up plus do your normal boning. In fact, before the BO I gave up on our generic cock ring for this reason… It was just too big, awkward, and heavy. The BO is small and light. Me likey.


Above: Different views of how it slides on for use.

The BO is comprised of two parts: the first being the TPE ring (Thermoplastic Elastomer – more on TPE) and the second part is where the magic happens: the vibrator, ya’ll. I have some caveats about this design, which we’ll get to later.

The BO uses a proprietary rechargeable lithium ion battery. I imagine this is the only way they were able to cram all the electronics into such a small form factor. Lelo claims that the BO’s battery is good for up to 4 hours of use and up to 90 days of standby. I can’t comment on either figure because there is no way I can keep it up for four hours at one time, (more like 4min, zing)! Buuuuuut in about two months of occasional use I only recharged it once and it only took about 45min to recharge.

There is a sweet LED that indicates the battery level on the bottom of the vibrator (it’s that white rectangle in the shots above… this is also the on/off switch). Like all rechargeable batteries this little guy is going to be less effective at keeping a charge over time (think your laptop battery). I don’t like that I can’t replace the battery down the road…. This is, after all, roughly an $80 male sex toy. I can’t speak for everyone out there, but I want this thing to last forever at that price!

Man oh man….. The BO takes your boner to level 11. To be honest it’s a little hard to explain. I definitely last a lot longer and cum a lot harder whenever I use it… buuut it takes some getting used to. First off you can wear this thing in three ways:
1) Put the ring around your dong
2) Put the ring around your dong and balls with the vibrater at the top
3) Put the ring around your dong and balls with the vibrater at the bottom –behind your balls (my fave)

The first time I attempted to use the BO I put it around my dong. I figured I might as well work my way up into getting the ring all the way around my balls. I found that this position did not really stretch the ring that much so it was just sorta on there and it was not that awesome. I didn’t really restrict anything and it was just… kinda there.

The second and third positions I liked a lot more. They were really a lot more intense … its like all your junk gets smooshed together and it’s a little intense at first if you’re not used to this sorta thing. I had never put a c-ring around my balls before. I really liked the vibe behind my balls it just made everything feel so good.

On my own (Ed note: masturbation):
I have never had a male sex toy before. Seriously, where have they been my whole life? The BO took my normal jerk routine to a whole new level.

- It took a lot longer – good for a long session
- I came a lot harder

- I feel like I occasionally lost my boner due to being numbed out on vibrate… its also really hard to recover from a fallen boner with the BO. It restricts blood in both directions, ya’ll.
- Don’t wear this thing to long. I had it on one day for over a half an hour and the next day my whole p-spot area was sore as fuck. It took about two days to recover.
(Ed. note: It is often suggested that cock rings be worn for no more than 20 minutes at a time)

Five dongs up. Oral is fucking awesome with the BO. Ease your way into the vibrating setting you won’t be sorry.

Straight up bonin’:
My lady and I tried a few different positions and they all worked pretty well. She always says something like “oh my god , that’s so strange, your dong is vibrating.” Anyways, my lady likes direct vibration on her clit so we tried moving the vibrator to the top and did some missionary. While this did tend to help her out I think ultimately this is not what the Bo was designed to do.

If your lady is like mine hook her up with a secondary vibe that she can place on her clit. Doing this, she lasted a lot longer and came a lot harder (The negatives: Occasionally got too numb and lost the boner).

Word of advice for everyone out there… Try to work your way into the vibrator. I found when I went right to the vibrate setting it was just to much and boom there goes your boner. Instead try putting it on then doing whatever ya want to do and then after you are used to that sensation of just wearing it then activate the vibe… instant crazy boner.
- Lightwight/small and it comes with a small case for long boning sessions on the go
- Rechargeable battery You can wear it in a variety of ways.
- The ring separates from the electronics for easy cleaning.
- And the best for last: I always cum harder and last longer with the BO.

- It’s to hard to put on: I have issues getting this thing around my balls its almost too small (I have some large balls , thank ya very much).
- In addition to the size the BO’s ring is made out of TPE with a “silky finish” I’d say its more “grippy” than silky its kinda like a slightly smoother rubber band.
- I’m sure ya saw in the pictures the ring does collect a fair amount of lint this is due to its grippy texture. Anyways, the ring does not easily slide which in some regards is a good thing… But it makes putting it on pretty difficult. Lube helps this issue… There is nothing worse than trying to get this thing on and having it pinch one your balls. Instant boner killer.
- It’s hard to turn on/ off: As you can see above the BO is turned on/off by sliding the vibrating mechanism. I believe this design was chosen because it seems to shield the internal electronics in a semi waterproof shell and it allows the user to wash the ring without worrying about the electronics. In practice I really do NOT like this slide design because it’s really hard to turn on and off. I like to wear the BO backwards with the vibe behind my balls. There are a lot of folds of skin back there(!!) and there is definitely nothing worse then getting your scrotum pinched when your trying to turn this thing on. YIKES. Likewise, it’s also pretty hard to turn off. After I cum the last thing I want is over stimulation. Sometimes I feel like I am fighting with the BO to get it to turn off especially if its lubed up. I believe both situations would be solved with an external ON/OFF button.
- Don’t wear it to long
- Non replaceable battery
- Cost: $79.

Final words: Get it. Seriously the pros outweigh the cons. I hope the industry sees the BO as a standard for future male sex toys. Come on, sex industry… Men need some sex toy loving too! 4 out of 5 dongs.

You can learn more about the Bo, or buy one of your own, from Good Vibrations, who was kind enough to provide us with samples to review (thank you!!) but in no way influenced this review.


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  • TWM

    Loved your article – straight forward and witty. My hubby and I love using the Bo, especially for some titillating foreplay prior to intercourse!

  • TWM

    Loved your article – straight forward and witty. My hubby and I love using the Bo, especially for some titillating foreplay prior to intercourse!