Public Sex: Four Tips For Better Sex


In the previous three weeks, I wrote about three types of sex that I think are worth a try: Passionate Crazy Sex, Lazy Day in Bed Sex, and Making Sweet Romance. So what’s the fourth type of sex that gets my vote? Public Peek-a-Boo Sex, of course.  

Not that I’m advocating having sex where you could potentially get caught (and I am certainly not advocating any type of public sex that would be noticed by others or that would disturb or offend others), but I am advocating that at least once in your life, you consider some type of public sex.

Why? Sure, the risk of potentially getting caught can feel hot. But more importantly, public sex often involves at least a little spontaneity (which is good!). And even more perfect is that it can make people feel ridiculously young, fun and inventive when it comes to their sex which is especially important if you’ve been together for a while. So if this type of public sex is not uh-oh-can-we-be-jailed-for-this sex, what kind is it, you ask?

If you must know, the kind of public sex I’m talking is within your comfort zone. [Otherwise, it would be scary sex!] Some of you no doubt enjoy very public romps in dressing rooms, public parks and bathrooms of crowded bars and who am I to stop you? But those aren’t your only options. You can also:

- Sneak off the beaten path of a hiking trail and have a quickie against a tree in a private, secluded area

- Pull over to the side of the road for hand or oral play (not recommended whilst one is sitting in traffic, as that’s harassing toward your fellow drivers if within their view)

- When you’re far enough into a lake or ocean that you won’t disturb other swimmers, you might slip off your bikini and swim trunk bottoms and see what you can get up to

- If it’s late enough at work and you’re absolutely certain that no one is around (nor are video cameras and nor is it totally against office policy so badly that you could get fired), you might find out just how comfortable your office chair can be or whether the stairwell is less creepy if you’ve got company

Part of having an enriching sex life is trying new things. Sometimes this involves new toys or positions; other times it involves a fresh perspective on a type of sex you want to try. Whether it’s Public Peek a book Sex, Making Sweet Romance, Passionate Crazy Sex, Lazy Day in Bed Sex – or another equally yummy flavor – is up to you. Learn more about spicing up your sex life in my new book, Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction (pre-order your copy on Amazon).

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